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Hi, my name is Samuel, and I’ve been an SFI affiliate for over a year.

I’m with SFI because they’re the real deal. For nearly two decades now they’ve been providing anyone who’s willing to work a real way to earn extra income as an Internet marketer…from the comfort of their home.

One of the things I really love about SFI is that there’s never any purchase or sales requirements. Most companies have to have such requirements…or there would be no sales. But with SFI, there’s so much good stuff going on that sales, success, and commissions just flow naturally! And because SFI provides such outstanding training and tools, it doesn’t matter if you have any experience in marketing or not. You simply need to plug in to their proven system and go to work.

SFI’s e-commerce store, TripleClicks.com, is a big part of it. TripleClicks is one of the fastest growing and most popular e-commerce sites on the Web today. And starting from your very first day as an SFI affiliate, you can share in the profits of EVERY sale at TripleClicks. For real! Over 90,000 products from all over the world, 24-hour penny auctions, exclusive music downloads, and a variety of great online games are just part of what makes TripleClicks so special. TripleClicks has something for everyone–and that makes online selling both lucrative and fun!

But the best part about SFI is that they’re only scratching the surface of what they’re likely to become during the next 10 years. Their potential is off the charts! And that’s why I invite you to join my SFI group today and start sharing in the fun and profits. Remember, there are no required costs EVER…and there’s no obligation.

Sign up FREE!

One more thing: My #1 job in SFI is helping the affiliates that I sponsor become successful. When you join my team, know that in me you will have a committed partner and mentor, and that I stand ready to assist you in any way I can.

Thank you and I hope to hear you’ve joined my team soon.

Samuel Ko

Proud SFI affiliate since 2013

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How 125 Tcredit translate to business growth ?

With 125TCredits on Standing Order, you will earn 1500 VP, with bonus of 100 VP monthly, and have 125 TCredits to use at PB auction.
You may only use 100 TCredits for bidding. You earn 2 PSAs (1 PSA per 50 bids at Bid&Build), 100 Action VP, and 500 MRP (1000 MRP if you bid at 2xMRP).

While bidding, you may win 4TC at Flash Drawing (you can win up to 6 times to give you 24 TCredits). You still have 25 TCredits for use at EZ games, and Card King, and you can also win valuable prizes. This is all very good for your business growth as well as your emotional happiness.

Now, let’s say you have 3 downlines who also have Standing Order of 125 TCredits each.
You earn $7.95 commission from each.
$7.95 x 3 = $23.85 commission you earn. Use your commission to buy a pack of PSAs from ECAs for as low as $9 – $11.
Now, if you sponsored another PSA who also invest in Standing Order of 125 TCredits.
$7.95 x 4 = $31.80 commission you earn. You now have a choice of buying a share from S-Builder for PSAs.
$7.95 x 5 = $39.75 commission you earn . You can buy 10 Pack PSAs To Go.

This doesn’t include Matching VP and other benefits you will earn with 3 – 5 downlines all with standing orders and all are personal users of TC products. Not to mention the profits generated from your own sales and duplication activities from your team, and your share from TC Executive Pool.

Your last question: true, your chances of winning at PB action is slim if you bid at popular products with plenty of eager bidders. with some who are on autobidder. Try to bid at Jr. auctions where only a few are bidding, and check the time of the day, and day of the month. When bidding, you actually win 4 prizes, as outlined above. Winning the auction is the cream on your cake. PB auction can earn you 500 Action VP maximum!

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write to:  Samuelkko1@gmail.com

Have a nice day!


What is better to do …, sponsoring new affiliates or referring new Tripleclicks members

Sponsoring SFI Affiliates and referring TripleClicks members go hand in hand. They’re like bow and arrow – useless each without the other. And it’s the reason why SFI/TC is very successful.

If you only concentrate on sponsoring, you may be able to build a large team, but unless your team are also consumers of TC Products and services, you won’t have a financially profitable business.

On the other hand, if you focus on just referring TripleClicks members, you may be able to earn more and be financially successful. But it can be a short term success, because you have no guarantee whether your PRMs will keep on buying or even patronising our TC stores that include ECAs.

So my answer is both- no one is better than the other.

You need to sponsor Affiliates to build a team, a working, active team of serious affiliates that will stay active, with personal commitment to stick to SFI and keep going no matter what.

You need TripleClicks Members to generate sales, for you and everyone else in the business to earn through share from the
profits of TC Executive pool.

It’s why Standing Orders are put in place. Affiliates you sponsor who also set up a Standing Order, and being duplicated down the line, is the core of SFI marketing strategy.

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What have you done …

Gold mining requires digging. There are more ways to advertise FREE on the Internet than I could count, if I dedicated all my time to finding them. In fact, I locate three or more such resourses daily.

What have you done today to build you business? How many ads have you placed this week? Do you have access to a printer? Can you find bulletin boards to put flyers on?

Did you complete the SFI Internet Income course? When have you revisited this series? How often have you asked your sponsor or other upline for tips, hints, or assistance?

NOTE: By the way, the IAHBE is a GREAT resource for anyone, including affiliate marketers and network marketers, and there are many tools there that can be very useful to building your business. Also, a membership meets the VP to qualify as EA each month.

Don’t think negatively. Find the positive. Whatever you put on center stage in your mind, magnifies itself.

And keep in mind—it is possible to get VersaPoints via retail sales rather than personal purchases. Where are your sales ads? Are they in the burn pile with your recruiting ads? Isn’t it time you pick up your shovel and walk to the mine? You can not mine any gold lying in bed.

One great master once said, “Let the dead bury the dead.” Are you like the dead? If not, get up and get busy!

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Back-linking can increase traffic …

Participating in forums and leaving your SFI Gateway(s) as part of your signature block can be a good way to increase traffic to your Website.

However, the point with this method is not to sell or recruit a great deal from these links. The real benefit comes from increasing back-links to your Website, and that means your page will rank higher in generic search engine results because of it—and THAT could mean bigger profits and more prospective team members for you!

You’ll need an original Website (a blog can do), NOT an affiliate URL to use this method; or, you could simple use a free URL masking service. An effective, fast way to get thousands of forum back-links is to find forum members who have thousands of posts and nothing in their signature. Offer them a fee ($20 to $50 a month maybe) to place your ad and link. Almost overnight, you could have THOUSANDS of backlinks!

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How to invest now for future

I’ve owned several businesses over the last 30 years, and I’ve learned what it takes to build a business that earns a profit. So, I understand that I have to invest work, time, and money now in order to get a future, larger return. It doesn’t always work, but I’ve been successful more often than not.

That said, I think it is unrealistic to expect someone with no knowledge of marketing, advertising, and building a business to “get” the SFI opportunity quickly. A great resource for these new business owners (or experienced business owners, for that matter) is Cashflow Quadrant, by Robert Kiyosaki. It helped me.

When I read it a couple of years ago, I started understanding the huge differences between the left side of Kiyosaki’s quadrant (employee and self-employed) and the right side of the quadrant (business owner and investor).

Employees and self-employed people trade time for money on a more or less static ratio that only changes if they get a raise, charge more per hour or per project, or find a way to reduce expenses. If you work, you earn a certain amount, generally several dollars per hour.

On the other hand, business owners and investors learn how to concentrate their efforts and money up front, receiving a larger return in the future as their investments are leveraged and compounded.

For example, as the owner of a marketing business run almost entirely online, I’m earning money for things I did last week, last month, and even several years ago, because I invested the time, effort, and money over time in the past. As a result, today I have several income streams that provide 100% of my income, letting me work from a cabin in the mountains about 100 miles from the nearest traffic jam. I really do earn while I sleep!

The patience required to keep building and looking for potential comes from my experience of building and owning past businesses and watching, over time, as my income from my marketing business continues to grow. Without that experience and an ever-changing mindset, I would have bailed out a long time ago because I didn’t see the big picture and couldn’t understand the potential.

As SFI sponsors, our challenge is to find a way to pass along some of this knowledge and experience to our affiliates who have a dream of building a home business but lack the knowledge and skills to make it happen—joining SFI and promoting TripleClicks comes darn close.

You also have to have faith and hope that your efforts will be rewarded. I decided that my marketing business won’t fail. It has to succeed because that is the only outcome I will accept. That gives me the fortitude to weather problems and find ways around obstacles that would have otherwise defeated me several times over the last few years. In fact, I now earn more in one month than I did in my first two years, and it continues to grow. There are occasional downturns and some really horrible months now and then, but overall, the trend is upward.

Most importantly: act on your dream, and pass your enthusiasm on to others!

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How to help your new affiliates get started right

I have no secret to success, and I am willing to share my methods with anyone…One thing I have come to learn pretty quickly is that what you put in your welcome message can make a HUGE difference.

My welcome message is short and sweet. I introduce myself as the new affiliate’s sponsor, include a link to the SFI Getting Started training page and, most importantly, my e-mail address, and ask the affiliate to contact me. I have found that about one in 20 will reply to me with an e-mail. Once the affiliate actually gets in touch, I don’t mention anything about upgrading. Instead, I build a relationship with my affiliates by passing along various important links and working with them to get started right. I also occasionally offer a gift certificate as an incentive to take action.

I feel that working with my affiliates and helping them get started is more important than worrying about whether they are going to upgrade. Once they get started and find out more about SFI, they see the benefits for themselves and often decide to upgrade on their own.

If you are getting no repsonse from your current affiliates, you may want to change your stategies. Take a good look at your welcome message, change your priorities, and concentrate on helping your people get started. Also, join some advertising sites so you can offer your affiliates places to start advertising right away. Remember, many people who join have no experience with anything like SFI, and tips for ad resources, etc. will be very appreciated.

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Build up your ECAs’ local influence

Encourage your ECAs to take advantage of TC on a local level. Increase your profits by helping your ECAs expand their market and income from local sales. Encourage your ECAs to liberally distribute your TC Gift Cards to their offline customers. They’ll likely check out TripleClicks and the ECA’s own online store and encourage their friends and family to do the same!

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Use E-Card to expand your network

I love our business because as SFI Affiliates, the entire world is our market. Each one of us can easily build a profitable downline with thousands of people from the 5 continents. So, no needs to bother friends and family if we don’t want to.

Nevertheless, many of us may have a big contact list with people potentially interested in saving money or making money online. So, of course no reason to exclude them from the opportunities offered by SFI and TripleClicks.

I think one of the best and easiest way to inform all of them, is using the wonderful e-Cards available at our Marketing Center:


You just have to choose the card you prefer, add your recipients, a few words if you want, and send it! It’s completely FREE.

You can send up to 10 E-cards per day, it means 300 E-cards per month, 3600 per year!

So, if for instance you have a mailing list with 100 people, you can send 3 different E-cards per month to each one of them. Do it until they signup or ask to be removed from your mailing list.

Make of this one of your daily tasks. It takes just a few minutes and it could be very beneficial for you and for all your recipients.

Have fun!

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How to increase your earning/(residual income) in SFI

The main activities from where income is generated are sponsoring and duplication, sales and referrals, including PPA and ECA programs.

For how to sponsor, click on the link: https://www.sfimg.com/Resources/Marketing/StandardSponsoringMethods

For sales and referrals, click on the link: https://www.sfimg.com/Resources/Marketing/StandardReferralMethods

For ECA referrals, click on the link: https://www.sfimg.com/Resources/ECAMarketingIndex

For SFIPPA programme, click on the link: https://www.sfimg.com/SFIPPA

The next question in your mind is so what how do I make money from these? Just a moment please, let me introduce you first, to the 3 basic steps and the benefits of EA:

1. Become an Executive Affiliate (EA) monthly by making at least 1500VP
2. Sponsor 5 active affiliates and (sponsoring)
3. Teach these affiliates to do the same (duplication).

Income of an EA:
1. Cash share in TripleClicks executive pool
2. SFI will reassign at least 2 Co-sponsor Affiliates (CSA) to you and you earn 15% of the commission value (CV) on their purchases and when you become a team leader, you will earn matching VP (cash) on them

Income from sponsoring: PSA
1. Earn 45% CV on their purchases
2. As a team leader, you also earn matching VP (cash shares from TC Executive pool)

Sales income; generated from purchases of your PRM
1. You earn 45% CV
2. You receive all the VP attached to the products to earn more share from the TC Exec Pool

Income from ECA referrals: E-Commerce Associate:
1. 100VP for you When any ECA you bring into SFI/TC lists his first product
2. You earn 10% royalty on their sales for life

The main benefits of the SFIPPA: Pay per Action:
1. Earn up to $12 (maybe $10 now) once off income depending on the activities of your signups
2. Earn up to $5 once off income depending on the activities of your TC signups ( maybe this has been discontinued)
Please note that these types of signees are not going to be your PSA’s or PRM’s

Be informed also that any vp you receive equals a share (cash) in the executive pool, provided you are at least an EA in rank, the more vp, the more shares you are entitled to.

It is necessary for you to have a detailed knowledge of the SFI compensation plan in order for you to further understand the income stated above. Please review the SFI compensation plan here: https://www.sfimg.com/Reference/CompPlan

Advertising by any means is the major way to succeed in carrying out these activities and to consequently generate income from it for yourself and the level of income depends on the level of your efforts.

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